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Breast lift with exercise, 5 Effective breast lifters

You can definitely get a breast lift with exercise, while at the same time giving yourself a more youthful look. Some people get that excess skin that has been stretched removed surgically as a breast lift, but you can do it another way. These moves will tighten the muscles above the area, contract the muscles that bring them closer, and build a bit of lean muscle below them to help with support. I have weird names for these: banded anchored press, plate press, hand crossed plate press, close grip front dip, banded chest squeezer.

  • Banded Anchored Press – this strengthens the front of the shoulders and the top of the chest elastically
  • Plate Press – this works the same as the banded anchored press but with more range of motion
  • Hand Crossed Plate Raise – this tightens the outer chest
  • Close Grip Dip – this builds lean muscle under the breasts for increased support
  • Banded Chest Squeezer – to bring the chest/ breast closer together

If we want a breast lift with exercise, there are a few things we need to understand first:

  • Fat tissue – the fatty tissue in the breast
  • The elasticity of the skin is called skin turgor.
  • Milk ducts and glands – for milk production obviously
  • The Pectoralis muscle –  chest muslce, the density of the breast
  • Cooper’s ligaments – the ligaments around the breast, maintaining their shape and structure
  • Healthy, firm, bouncy, and amazing breast tissue has a good amount of muscle, fat, and tight skin. The firmness of the breast has a lot to do with the elasticity of the skin.

Ok I see where this is going, How can I increase my body’s skin turgor?

I found so many different ways to increase the skin turgor of the body, including proper hydration, a proper amount of sleep, and oils, but other than that I have no idea…

Just Kidding, EXERCISE of course, breast firmness is due to the elasticity of the skin, so by increasing the health of the skin (the epidermis), you can improve the firmness of and also lift the breasts. Consistant exercise will increase the elasticity of the skin and it’s firmness.

Exercise improves the skins firmness, suppleness, elasticity, and circulation. Did you want me to sell you some pills, Nop, it really does, it really works…really!

Do you mean to tell me, that by exercising 4 to 5 times per week I can increase the skin turgur of my body and have tighter skin?

Yes, that’s what I’m saying.

What about my health? Will that improve too?

That’s also a big YES, but right now I’m talking about getting some amazing breasts, like accident-causing breasts, breasts that make the world a better place.

OK, I get it. Tell me more.

A proper bra can help prevent sagging.

And I’ll go ahead and lightly cover another concern, the proper bra. A good bra can help keep the breasts in place and prevent excessive stretching and thereby sagging of the breast area, just like when you hang heavy objects in an ear-piercing, eventually the skin of the ear and the ear lobe will stretch and have a sagging appearance.

Likewise, the weight of the breast can stretch the skin of the chest. So we have to do some extra stuff to prevent this sagging and help this ligament out. That front bra strap starts to get loose after a while, it’s the one doing almost the same job as the Cooper’s ligament, so stay up to date on your bras, and keep functionality in mind while searching for a nice strap.

Coopers ligament, the natrual bra of the body.

Ligaments are bands of tissue that help hold together bones, joints, and organs. The breasts are considered organs with the function of milk production for lactation.  Think about it, in most mammals the udders are not that heavy and full of milk unless the animals are nursing, it’s as if every woman was an ‘A’ cup until she gave birth, but humans unlike primates can have larger breasts even without milk production, have you ever seen a primate with Double D’s without being pregnant? And that being said a good bra is also important during and after pregnancy. I also strongly recommend exercising while pregnant which can help prevent things like gestational diabetes. By strengthening the muscles around this ligament and help out the natural bra of the body.

What muscles are beneath the breast?

The main muscles of the chest are the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor.
The pectoralis minor basically deals with pushing down, and it is beneath the pectoralis major.
The pectoralis major deals with bringing the arms out and bringing the arms together (adduction) and is in front of the pectoralis minor.

The breast sits in front of the pectoralis major muscle in females. Just because you train abs does not mean that you will decrease belly fat, and just because you train the chest does not mean that the breasts will get smaller, but obviously, there will be some changes in shape depending on the type of exercise. There are certain exercises to bring the chest closer together, or further apart, just like for males, there are muscles that can bring the chest higher or lower.

You saw some exercises to help tighten and firm the muscles of the breast, but you’ll notice that these exercises are not for winning a strength competition, but for looks. Actually, most of the exercises I show are focused to make a person’s body look sexier, not necessarily stronger, for aesthetics as opposed to functionality, and hey, if these moves were functional then people would naturally do them throughout the day, but they’re not, and that’s why many women have a concern about lifting breast tissue. By helping to support the breast tissue with muscle the ligaments can heal and return closer to normal over time. Meanwhile, the skin also has a chance to go back to its original length.

The chest muscles are striated, which is why you can see the stretching of the muscles. I started thinking about how a guy flexes his chest muscles, and you can see those fibers being lifted, so when those muscles are not flexed, those fibers are at rest and lower. I don’t want to create a mass of muscle above the breast tissue in women unless they ask for it. This area of the chest muscle called the “top shelf,” looks good on guys, but for women, I usually build a bit more muscle underneath the breast tissue, a dense muscle that the fat of the breast can rest on. Anyway, I hope you can understand this and enjoyed the read. Have a great day.

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