Sweat Fat Out

Can I Sweat Fat out? 1 clear answer you’ll love!

Yes, you can sweat fat out, if we look at where the fat comes from, no it’s not Mars, fat is produced from eating too much sugar, and sweat is a combination of water, salt, and sugar. So by eating less sugar and exercising regularly, not only will you have less sugar in your system that could turn into fat, but you’ll also have more muscle that can use current fat stores as a source of energy. Essentially, sweating out the sugar that could be unused and stored as body fat.

Your body needs sugar in many ways, and when you’re building lean muscles those muscle cells can store sugar for energy, plus they’ll also be using more sugar as you’re working out, this is why some people burn more calories and use more sugar than others, because their body having a greater need uses more sugar. The heart needs sugar and the brain needs sugar, the muscles also store and use sugar for energy, notice I said sugar not fat, actually I should be using the word glucose because fruit (fructose), milk (galactose), and cane sugar (sucrose), is converted into glucose.

What is sweat?

Sweat is made of water, salt, and sugar, your body sweats as a way to cool down your temperature.

What is fat?

When you eat or drink more sugar than your liver or muscles need or more than they can store it is converted into body fat.

Should I quit sugar altogether?

Sugar is the main source of fuel for the brain, and muscles (the heart is also a muscle) also need sugar. There are great sources of sugar like fruit, honey, dairy, and whole wheat bread. Not getting enough sugar can cause irritability, anxiety, headaches, confusion, depression, and so many other things, so You need sugar, just not too much.

Strength Starts At The Core

Can fat go through the pores?

I can understand why some people would think this. Maybe they’re thinking, “Well, since fat lies just underneath the skin, if I just get hot enough it’ll come out.” Or, maybe some people think, “Maybe if I put this special oil on my body and wrap myself up like a tuna wrap, then the fat will just melt off easily.” If you cover your body with oil and go out in the hot sun you’re more likely to come home smelling like a piece of fried chicken than to lose fat stores.

There’s plenty of money to be made off of people that dread hard work, consistency, and discipline, but the effects of consistent resistance training have so many benefits on top of fat loss, like skin tightening, improved circulation, and heart health.

I’ve always considered fitness training to be a character builder and productive hobby. 


From ice baths and ice showers to most gyms being well ventilated and even using air conditioning to keep them chilled, it seems most fitness centers go through a good amount of trouble to keep you from sweating too much. Plus, a cool environment is better when it comes to bacteria since bacteria prefer areas that are warmer and moist, hmm like a hot, sweaty gym, and some studies show that it actually does not matter that much at all whether you work out in a hot environment or cold, but if you’re sweating a lot while working out then you’ll need to replace that water, and possibly the salt, potassium, and electrolytes as well, or suffer dehydration.

So what’s the real answer, is sweat actually fat leaving the body? 
Well sooooort of, fat is produced from overconsumption of sugar, and there is also sugar in sweat, so uhm, it’s kinda like asking, is exhaust actually gasoline leaving a car, well exhaust is a byproduct of the combustion (work) of gasoline in the engine, so if you want to know about the gas in the tank don’t check the exhuast check how much gas you’re putting in the tank(wink wink), or like saying, Is that smoke coming from the oven depleating my food thats in the over? You can probably guess where this is headed.

one cup of Ice Cream21g24g3.5g207
one slice of Hawaiian style Pizza2g19g5g120
Fried Chicken breast w/ skin0g10g28g294
Nachos: cheese, beef, beans4g54g16g558
chocolate and cherry whole wheat bread 2 slices10g34g10g203
Skinny Margarita 4 oz5g37g0g100
Greek low-fat yogurt 1 cup17g17g13g154
French fries 100 grams0g41g3g312
Doughnut with chocolate27g51g5g452
Can you sweat fat out? Actually, yes.

This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you to cook 5-star meals and prep out your daily routines and say that while you’re in the shower you can slice the tomatoes, and while you’re on the toilet you can mince the garlic.

But that’s not where I’m going with this, make it easy for yourself to sweat fat out. I like to find combinations of smaller restaurants and stores closer to where I work and live where I can get those simple protein needs, like cooked eggs, and chicken breast. When I’ve covered the food basics then I’ll add the snacks that I keep at work.

At work, I keep bread, peanut butter, celery, bananas, coffee, and chocolate and nut candy bars. I don’t mind eating veggies raw to save time, and for me, the bitter helps me to enjoy the sweet.

Sweat Fat Out
Am I sweating fat out?

Did you learn how to sweat fat out?

  • You can sweat fat out as sugar before it is stored as fat
  • Muscles use sugar as energy
  • The more muscle you have, the more sugar will be used
  • Unused sugar can be stored as fat
  • Sweat is made of water, salt, and sugar
  • Too much sugar is bad and too little sugar is bad
  • Consistent exercise will help decrease body fat and thighten the skin
  • Most gyms are well ventilated and somewhat cold
  • Here’s a random banded glute video to help you sweat fat out
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4y-xC_LvDA[/embedyt]

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