So What

Just a quick reminder, you’ll always need those main

things; motivation, discipline and consistency, keep

finding ways to get and stay motivated, until the list

is so long you’re consistently ready to go every single

day and get that checklist done, and that’s not just

for the gym but that’s also for life!

I’m not going to eat that!
My alarm rang, I’m getting out of bed!
Today I’m going to work my legs!
I’m not supposed to drink soda today so I will not drink this!
It’s time to go to work!
It’s time to start my second set!
I’m supposed to do 15 reps (repetitions)!
The report is due in three days so I‘ll finish it now!
I’m not going to argue with this person!
I’m going to drive the speed limit!

As you can see these concepts work very well in every day Life!

Doing what needs to be done, whether you like it or not!

Well when you put it like that it actually sounds a lot like integrity, but either way sometimes working out might actually feel like working an actual job. Being mentally or physically tired, not being able to find the right song, having a few bad conversations, or just not feeling good in your own skin can make it hard to get that chest pump or blast out those box jumps. My odd suggestion; tell yourself that you love yourself while also being honest with yourself about the things that you need to work on internally, and tell yourself; “yea, I can do this!”

Photo by 🇸🇮 Janko FerličHire

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