The Weight Scale

Honestly most people that correctly get themselves into better shape actually gain weight before losing weight.

You could just do a lot of cardio, but once you get out of your routine, even just a few missed days here and there, and look out that weight will also come back here and there.

You could build lean muscle mass while eating all foods but in moderation, and you would gain a small amount of weight at first as your muscles (which weigh more than fat) start to develop,  but then those same muscles will start using those fat stores and sugar stores as a source of energy.

If you miss few days at the gym you still have lean muscles burning calories and fat, so you’re burning fat while working out, while standing around, while watching a movie, while sleeping, and on and on, so now you’ve got those extra muscles burning fat ALL the time. On top of that you’re not (or at least shouldn’t be) over eating but eating right so as to not store new fat!

“I often tell my clients to not even get on the scale or even worry about it…
Often times knowing that number, can do more harm than good!
Strength Starts At The Core
  • Often times when people work out they might actually gain weight before losing it.
  • I’d rather have people focus on their size and overall look than the number on the scale.
  • It’s not abnormal for a woman to gain around three to five pounds just before or during her period.
  • If they don’t like what they see today or tomorrow that number is just going to make trying even harder.

It may be, that if you focus less on the weight that you see on the scale, and more on making small improvments “In Yourself”, that you’ll improve your weight, yourself and other parts of your life.

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