How often should I train abs

How often should I train abs?

You already train abs every single day with almost every movement, but for the obliques, which tie into the back and abs, you should train three to four times a week. Simply put, the more muscle mass you have (lean or bulk muscle mass), the more calories your body will use throughout the day. When you train abs while incorporating the obliques, back, and glutes in the proper way, you will burn way more calories than if you just train abs. And if you’re eating right, your liver will start to use fat (broken down as glucose) as a source of energy. After decreasing body fat, you’ll start to see the abs that are already there.

A few things we need to know when we train abs:

  • Muscle uses sugar not fat.
  • The liver converts fat into sugar (glucose) for the body, provided there is no presence of insulin.
  • The pancreas secretes insulin, to regulate levels of sugar in the blood.
  • So it’s the job of the pancreas to convert fat into sugar.
  • But if you’re eating sugar throughout the day, there’s no need for the liver to produce glucose (sugar) for the body, because there’s plenty of sugar around.

This is why I tell my clients to go ahead and eat that sugar, fructose, milk, yogurt, heck even ice cream, around the time of their workout. BUT BEFORE BED just eat protein and veggies. Work smart, let your liver do what it does, and allow it to use current fat stores as a source of energy, and No I didn’t say to stop eating, don’t eat too little or too much, and go ahead and eat those things you like, but when you do eat, eat smart.


What does your body think when you train abs?

Another thing I tell people is that when you don’t eat, your body doesn’t know that you’re trying to lose weight, you’re body thinks that you’re someplace where there’s no food available and that’s why you’re not eating, so what should your body do?

Well the best way for your body to stay alive if a person isn’t eating is to store more fat, are you eating less and less but nothing really happens after a while, well your metabolism has nothing to metabolize so it slows down, and then when you do give in and eat even the smallest thing it seems to stick right to you.  But you look at someone else and their eating all the time and shredded, What The Heck, well their metabolism has something to metabolize, so it speeds up and burns more calories.

Train Abs diet

Now here’s where I should point out that the foods you eat need to be quality calories for a few reasons:

If your meals contain a proper amount of nutrients, you won’t get those crazy cravings, which is basically your body saying, ‘Hey we need magnesium or niacin, or iron, send a signal to the brain to eat again’.

If you’re giving your body more of what it needs and less of what it doesn’t then there’s less to store, and if you’re eating regularly then there’s also no need to store.

Very simply put, if you eat sugar then there’s no need for your liver to convert current fat stores into a source of energy, into glucose, why would your body use currently stored fat as a source of energy when there is a new supply of glucose readily available. 

For the ladies remember to eat plant fats while training to lose body fat, to help maintain breast fat, eating things like avocado and peanuts or peanut butter. Also, it’s good to keep estrogen levels fairly high, by eating soy products and chicken, and less beef and pork with is testosterone-based.

When working out and depleating body fat this is something I’ve had most of my female clients do with pretty good success, keeping estrogen levels high, and eating more plant fats, while toning the body, to keep those certain parts sexy while you train abs. (How to get a breast lift by exercising)

Morning: you eat (half a donut) + (a slice of leftover pizza) + (and coffee)  
Lunch: (bread) + (a glass of milk)
During a meeting you had a matcha tea and mixed nuts
Dinner: salmon and white rice

So in the morning – (sugar and carbs) + (protein and carbs) + (a stimulant)
Three hours later – (carbs) + (galactose)
Meeting – (syrup and sugar) + (plant fats)
Dinner – (protein) + (and simple carbs)

Can you see how your body viewed those foods, now obviously we could go more in-depth with this but let’s keep it basic for now just to give you an idea. And again just so you know, I’m not really talking about health right now, I’m talking about getting and keeping a sexy-looking body.

In this example above for this one day there’s:
3 servings of sugar      Galactose – Milk – is a form of glucose
4 servings of carbs
2 servings of protein
9 Servings of nutrients

train abs citris water

Out of 9 servings of nutrients 2 were protein and 7 were carbs and sugar…

What’s that got to do with how to train abs?

  • Out of the 7 your body could use it for energy or store it as fat.
  • Your muscles can use sugar so that your body stores less fat.
  • The muscles are not getting enough protein to survive.
  • Every day there will be less muscle and more sugar leftover to store as fat.
  • The muscles that you have will be less visible.
  • The body fat that covers them will be more visible.

One way to kinda curb this is to load up the protein in the morning.
It’s my free day today as I write this, I woke up late and had a tasty bread roll and water. I had so many little errands to run, and here it is now 2 PM so I’ve got bread and bananas next to me but if I eat just that now then gosh, it’ll be time for a nap, so I take 8 minutes to boil 5 eggs and added that to rice mixed with soup. While the eggs were cooking I brewed some coffee and added cocoa powder.

So I basically ate:
3 Servings of carbs      (bread roll, bread, rice)
2 servings of sugar       (banana – fructose, cocoa and sugar in coffee)
5 servings of protein     (5 eggs – 5 x 8 = 40g)

So you see how I had to make that little decision, those little decisions you make every day will go a long, long way.

What kind of meals do I recommend?
Morning: 2 to 3 eggs and whole wheat bread with butter and honey
A few hours later: 2 chicken breasts, veggies, coffee with sugar and cocoa, and an avocado
Snack: mixed nuts or peanut butter, some salad or veggies,
Dinner: chicken, fish, eggs, or some kind of protein and veggies
  • Breakfast: Protein and carbs
  • Lunch: Protein, micronutrient, stimulant, sugar, and plant fat
  • Snack: Plant fat and micronutrients
  • Dinner: Protein and micronutrients

I asked How often to train abs, and all you friggin talk about is nutrition WTFudge?

Ok I’ll tell you 3 to 4 times a week but to see any real results you should work abs in a way that combines your obliques, back and glutes, basically working your core into it while you train abs.
Because strength starts at the core!


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