I’ve had help for sure. One person that handles many of the most severe

and critical tech issues on this site and our mobile app is Shazad Anjum.


Shazad Anjum is an Android developer with over three years of experience. He also deals with CPP and Java coding. Giving you a shout out Shaza, thanks so much for all your help, and there’s more to come, so please stick around!

– Bmarchai

There have been many long nights, even overnighters dealing with the Google and the Apple store trying to beat deadlines, and Shaza has thought me many things, and also completely handled some situations for private clients. Some jobs have a ‘no mistake policy’ and you’ve got to get it right the first time, or be able to fix bugs right away, that’s when you need to let the experts do what the experts do, but…but do you know any? It’s not easy finding people that are fast and accurate but here’s one right here ladies and gentlemen.

Would you like to work with a tech specialist like Shaza? Email him at: Shazadanjum305@gmail.com

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