Why Warm up

Why Warm Up? 5 unusual reasons

  • It helps you feel better while working out
  • You won’t be as stiff at the beginning of the workout
  • Warming up can make for good behind the scene footage
  • It makes your workout more productive / burn more calories
  • It keeps your body prepared for the upcoming movements so that injuries are less frequent
  • It will help build up just a little sweat, giving the skin that nice shine that’s really cool on vids and selfies.

Why warm up if I’m just taking a few pics?

Warming up doesn’t mean much to many unless there’s a direct benefit, and if you’re just going to take a few pics then there’s no real need unless the exercise you’re about to perform is outside of the standard plank or no-weight squat. Today, about an hour ago, I saw two women come into the cardio area, one to hold the camera and the other to have her picture taken on a stationary bike. I’m pretty sure they finished the upstairs dance class and wanted a nice pic in the gym area, and hey, that’s cool. I could imagine myself doing the same thing, plus she did do an actual class and burn some calories.

Obviously, there are many more important reasons to warm up than social profiles, like joint health and better blood flow, but sometimes any reason you can find to get in the gym as opposed to staying home is a good one.

Warming up with cardio machines, which I think is the most popular way, is also another good way to meet people, now obviously you don’t really wanna strike up a convo with someone hitting a 10 speed on a treadmill, but seeing someone there might lead to some good convo later.

“Hey, you were on the tread earlier right?”

What’s your name?

“Cool, my name’s _____.”

“Hopefully I’ll see you around.” (And that’s all, leave some mystery and be patient.)

OR Go ahead and make your move kiddo

I ain’t mad at cha!

It actually seems like these days many people are going to the gym to get into a relationship, to take cool pics and vids, or for attention, or for the aircon and wifi, or for some people to improve their fitness level. But even with that, if your body is your place of business, then let’s take care of it and invest in it, I’m not talking about surgery, but just a little warming up.

If you’ve been into this for a while, then you know that sometimes it’s hard to talk while performing physical exertion, well to talk clearly, and warming up will help with that. And also, another thing, some of those classes at gyms are so cool, with different styles of dancing, spin classes, and such, that it’s almost like a party, but you can see how they’re talking while going through the movements. Wait, let’s say that in a cooler way, because they are called GX classes, as in Group Exercise.

Lactic acid builds up more when a person exercises but does not get enough oxygen, so try to breathe more often and hold your breath less often.

The Easiest warm up.

Personally, I ride a bicycle to the gym, (which increases my body temperature by at least 2  degrees F), and that’s my warmup. It’s about a 20-minute ride to the gym at a moderate pace, with some on-road and off-road opportunities. Plus, oddly enough, most of the clothes I wear in real life can double as fitness wear. Not everybody can dress like that, but it’s always better if you can make your gym life easier while giving yourself fewer excuses. You could wear jean joggers, and a polo shirt, or a workout top under a premium shirt. Either way, when you can double an article of clothing for work life and gym life it’s a big bonus.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xvqvyr2c5A[/embedyt]

Bmarchai’s standard warmup

This exercise is my favorite warm up, it’s low impact, works the upper and
lower body, and gets the heart rate moving. Warming up before working
out will also increase your range of motion which will help your muscles
look better, which will make you look better in front of the camera, and
also allow you to do more complex movements on and off-screen.

Looking for more workouts, check out our youtube vids.

Don’t turn the warm up into the workout.

We already covered the whole, “Can I sweat fat out?” topic, knowing that sweat is water, sugar, and salt, and that excess sugar in the body can be stored as fat. But here’s another thing: strength training, while it might burn fewer calories in a given workout than cardio, will build muscles that will continuously burn calories and sugar. The more muscles your body has, the more sugar (glucose) your body will use and burn.

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really like warming up either. I like going to the gym and getting straight to work, but I know that to avoid injury I should warm up, so my favorite options are the stationary bike for 5 to 8 minutes, or a real bike, or using an elliptical and warming up.

Time to warm up
warm up pre workout coffee

Do personal trainers warm up?

There are times when I’ve had several clients spread throughout the day, and I have to show different exercises throughout the day without properly warming myself up for these moves, and that can take a toll on the body. One should eat clean, stay flexible, and know their limits when living this type of lifestyle. I might end up training several people at the same time, giving them completely different workouts. I actually find this to be exciting and a proper challenge, but I’ve seen other trainers over the course of almost 2 decades get burnt out by doing this with their bodies, as it is not at all easy.

Obviously, everyone is made for something, and I know the LORD gives me strength to show all these moves all day long, but I’m also aware that I have to do my part as well, by practicing, staying up to date on techniques, and being knowledgeable on different body types so that the whole process isn’t that stressful for me, physically and mentally.

Muscles need sugar, so if you plan on doing a strength workout and also a cardio workout, then do the strength workout first so that you have enough fuel to build muscle, and then you can burn calories afterward with the cardio. Warning, be cautious and take it easy if you plan on doing this for the first time, and if you feel dizzy or nauseous, then stop right away and get some sugar, like chocolate milk or some sweet liquid, because your brain also needs sugar, and being super low on sugar while working out might cause you to pass out. That being said, good night., and don’t forget to warm up.

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