How long till I see workout results

Workout Results…How Long?

Good question. Most people who workout consistently for 5 to 6 days a week see some changes in their body and workout results happen in about 3.5 weeks. For my clients that are coming in regularly and avoiding certain foods, it seems that the majority of them are seeing results in about three and a half weeks.

avoid certain foods

Why do I have to avoid my feelings and limit myself, thereby restraining my natural desires, enabling a grotesque delusion of slavery into an undiversified extreme ideology of eating what you call healthy, therefore in a sense restricting my natural desires and my entire self-being.

OK easy now, the truth is, if you want to get certain jobs you need certain skills, certain plants certain amount of sunlight, certain cars certain fuel, certain animals a certain diet, on and on. Snails should not eat salt and dogs should not eat chocolate, and to get a certain type of look there are certain things that should / need to do (period)

Foods to avoid:

For my clients I keep this list short and not all sweets, just soda, condensed milk, and large amounts of white rice / white bread, that’s a good start.


I have males train larger muscle groups like legs, back, and chest 6 times a week and generally work on the shoulders, biceps, and triceps sporadically. That’s weird, right? The larger muscle groups can store more sugar and burn more calories, and it’s not that difficult for the arms and shoulders to catch up.

Now here we go, your ability to strengthen your self-control outside the gym is equally, if not MORE important, than your self-control inside the gym. That’s why I always use the saying below because it comes from the inside. If your desire comes from the inside, then it is extremely difficult for outside forces to sway you, to turn you, to change your decision, your path.

Strength Starts At The core


When people tell me they need to get changes fast, I try my absolute best to let them know that it’s teamwork. These are not miracle workouts, it’s not just about the trainer putting together awesome workouts that work no matter what the client eats; it’s about consistency, discipline, and integrity. Now some people are born with an amazing body, and that’s a different world, but for those that have to work at it, there ya go, work at it.

Now I’ve gotta say, no extremes! So many times in this biz I’ve seen people take their looks from before pic to after pic and then back to or worse than their before pic. Yea, if you make drastic choices in your diet and lifestyle, then you’ll have extreme results, but can you consistently change your lifestyle habits to maintain that?

I was hired as a fitness consultant for a hospital for their post gastric bypass surgery program. It dealt with nutrition and implementing some sort of activity, and some of the exercises were just standing up and sitting back down 12 times in a row, which is really good for those with little or no activity throughout the day. A person is able to pay for immediate results via surgery, but if they don’t make some changes in their lifestyle, then they’ll have to pay for immediate results all over again.

When a car is being driven the alternator creates electrical power to recharge the battery. The mechanical energy from the car’s crankshaft is turned into electrical energy, but if the car is off and the lights are on then the battery is easily drained. You can recharge your body every day by keeping your body in motion, keeping your body fit, active, and giving it the right fuel.

  • I can start with only 20 minutes a day
  • I’m not that tired, time to workout
  • I can set small goals at first
  • I’ve tried so many things, what if I tried being consitant with fitness
  • I know what I can do in 3 years, how will my fitness change my life and self esteem in 3 weeks

Did you get the workout results you wanted? DON’T STOP YET.

So many people, yea mostly women, stop working out as soon as they see results, the moment they see just enough of the results they wanted, they say, “Yeah, time to party, I made it, I’ll never be overweight again.”

how long for results

One month of training and you think your body won’t go back, maybe even worse than before?

– Common Sense

Your muscles help burn more calories when you’re awake and asleep, but if you stop feeding those muscles with protein, then your body will basically think that you don’t need those muscles anymore, like a top athlete that’s offseason. Now you’re eating more calories while needing less, weight gain here we come.

weight loss

Ok fine, look eat whatever you want, but make sure you get enough protein to feed the muscles that will help you burn calories in your sleep… if you’re the type of person that sleeps.

– Bmarchai

Here’s a random move, randomly picked so that you might visit my channel for more random stuff.

Workout Results, how long?

One last thing to mention before bedtime is to remind you not to forget about patience. Goodnight, and thanks for reading.

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