Best Pageant Workout

Best Pageant Workout by Bmarchai, 1st Place

The best Pageant workout by Bmarchai shown here displays just one of the 9 exercises in the full workout. It shows one of his favorite exercises for gaining strength but staying lean. This works the inner and outer thigh, obliques, and triceps. One of the best moves for Models and Pageants, Enjoy. see more moves for toning the back, posture, thigh gap, ankle and knee stability and way more at, or you can go to The Bmarchai Youtube Channel

Best type of workouts for models and pageants

There are so many different styles and programs for working out, but which is the best pageant workout for that model type body. Modeling and pageantry is a huge industry, and when you get on stage the most important thing is confidence, and one of the easiest ways to get that is actually hard work. All in all strength / resistance training is a great starting point for building the right curves in the right places. Just remember it’s not just about working hard but also about working smart.

Simple answer for building confidence as a Pageant contestant

Having a strong core, good posture, strong ankles and knees, and not just a flat stomach but an overall toned body, those things just embolden confidence in ones self, so that being confident takes no effort. It’s one thing to look good in front of the mirror, it’s another thing to feel good on stage in a bikini. Top models and pageant need beauty inside and out, along with a solid personality, a good character, and a solid set of beliefs and morality. A good sense of humor also helps, being that you’ll have to relate to and inspire others.

The Bmarchai style of workouts for models and pageants

Bmarchai does low impact total body training for models and pageants that apparently have an amazing effect.

  • Low impact to avoid injury
  • Total body to save time
  • A focus on core and posture
  • Numerous styles to avoid boredom
  • A workout based on the clients wants and needs.

Where can I find more of these best pageant workouts?

Almost all of the workouts at are for models and pageants, check out the courses list right here

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