Why should I lift Weights?

Can’t I just eat right, or I mean, can’t I just eat a little better than yesterday?

Even if you just want to get toned, you have to have muscle to tone muscle, you can’t tone what you don’t have, so build some lean muscle so you can sculpt your body. Have you ever seen anyone with flabby arms, flabby legs and rock hard six pack abs?… Me neither, getting lean is a total body process. You want hard boiled eggs you’ve got to boil the water too!

Well unless you’ve got one of those fancy air cookers, but you get the point.

Online you see all these groups of people going out early in the morning and getting that perfect sweat, but maybe you don’t feel like that, maybe you don’t feel like that at all…

  • Calories continue to burn long after you’ve finished strength training.
  • Your skin tugor will increase, allowing you to lose weight with less stretch marks.
  • Your bone density will increase, giving you stronger bones.
  • It strengthens your abdominal and back muscles. (Which is also good for child birth…just saying)
  • Reduced chance of Gastrational diabetes. (high blood sugar that can affect your pregnancy and your baby’s health)
  • It causes the release of endorphins, which decrease worry, stress, and depression to boost your overall mood.
  • Muscles bun calories when you’re awake AND in your sleep.
  • Resistance training increases the production of growth hormone.
  • OH forgot to mention, the above will make you look younger!

Here’s a great workout for the lower abs.

Photos by Bruce Mars